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Mazda RX-8 Vehicle Review and Information.

Mazda RX-8
Vehicle Summary
Mazda is the only manufacturer to continue with the rotary engine. Traditionally they guzzle fuel and munch their rotor tips. However, Mazda claims to have eliminated the latter problem so you can enjoy the stratospheric rev limit without fear.You also get the relatively unique advantage of a sexy coupé and pleasing driving experience that will genuinely carry four people thanks to the stylish solution to rear access. New for 2006 is a limited run PZ model developed by UK motorsport specialist Prodrive. Unique to the UK, it has no more power, but is sharper and more distinctive with only 800 models.
Model Types
The level of equipment is impressive, even in the cheaper of the two models you'll get a nine-speaker Bose sound system with CD autochanger. High-power version has xenon headlights over standard model. Leather and metallic paint are optional, as is sat-nav. PZ model adds lowered suspension, new springs and dampers, a rear wing, bespoke OZ alloy wheels and is available in either metallic dark grey or solid black.
Recommended Model
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