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Ford Mondeo Vehicle Review and Information.

Ford Mondeo
Vehicle Summary
The Mondeo from 2000 onwards has grown up and filled out, and now competes on better terms with the VW Passat and Honda Accord; Mondeo's ambition is to become the Euro-standard company car. The Mondeo lent its underpinnings to Jaguar's X-Type, and so (the ST220 in particular) offers a supreme drive, excellent safety and solid engineering. Bigger than before, it offers lots of occupant space, high standards of safety and generous equipment. Handling is confident with a sporty edge, so this Mondeo pleases drivers and passengers alike.
Model Types
Most of the modern luxuries come standard, which is expected in a class leader. It has electric windows and a CD player as standard, and safety and security kit is included. What you'll pay for are the higher end luxuries like leather seats and sat nav.
Recommended Model
3.0 V6
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